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Our solutions: diagnostic analyses

Empreinte Humaine’s expertise in the assessment of psychosocial risk and workplace wellness rests on two pillars: a scientific approach and our consultants’ experience. Psychosocial risk and workplace wellness assessments show that problem situations rarely arise from a single factor or cause. An analytical framework encompassing several aspects is needed: strategic, organizational and managerial.

Examples of our diagnostic analyses:

  • Enhancement of workplace wellness,
  • Resolution of problems such as work climate, absenteeism, conflict and tension,
  • Status report on psychological problems related to the workplace: burn-out, stress, depression, anxiety,
  • Assessment of levels of psychosocial risk, risk and protection factors using scientifically validated questionnaires and individual/group interviews (focus groups) and job analyses,
  • Evaluation of action plan effectiveness.

We view diagnostic analyses as a means to improve workplace wellness and achieve greater organizational efficiency, not as an end in itself. They are only useful when accompanied by credible, realistic and effective action plans.

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